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List of Access Keys Used

Using your keyboard to navigate our site.

We have especially adapted our web site to support keyboard commands to navigate to the main areas of the site. They are known as Access Keys.

Access keys make navigating web sites much easier, both for screen readers but also for people such as typists who find it quicker to use the keyboard to navigate around a web site.

For example, in Internet Explorer, to move to the home page, hold down the ALT key and press the number 1 key (above the letters), then press the Enter key and you will quickly navigate to the home page.

On a MAC, instead of using the ALT key, use the CTRL Access key followed by number 1 for the homepage.

photo of Kent - Rochester Castle

Every page in this web site has the access keys set up; use of Alt S to move to Skip the navigation menu at the top of a page and Alt N to move to the Navigation links make navigating the web site quick and easy for all.

This web site can also be navigated easily using the tab key. This allows fast navigation without needing to use the mouse.

Changing the web site appearance

This web site has been written with 3 different screen styles. At the top right of the web page you can change from the default standard appearance to large yellow text on a dark background, or to large black text on a light background, depending upon which you find easier to read.

People with limited vision

If you suffer poor sight there are several things you can do to make the screen easier to read.

Increase or decrease the text size through your browser setting.

There are several methods of doing this, depending upon your browser.

photo of Kent - Bridge village

People with little or no vision

This web site makes use of features such as style sheets and access keys. This makes the web site as easy as possible to read and navigate for people with little or no vision using a screen reader.

Other disabilities

A mouse and keyboard are the most common ways of using a computer, including the Internet. However some people have difficulties using one or both of these and may benefit from using other technologies such as larger keyboards, a joystick instead of a mouse, or voice recognition systems.

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